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The  first time I ever saw a Shiba Inu was when I was visiting a local kennel to  buy one of my English Jack Russell puppies. What an eye-catching dog! At the time I never dreamed that I one day would own one of these fascinating little dogs. About a year later the kennel owner asked me if I would like to purchase her kennel of Jacks, which I did. The Shibas were included in the deal. One of  the female shibas was already bred, and with that first litter of pups I was  hooked!  

 While  at a local dog show I saw "show" Shibas that absolutely took my breath  away. While there I had the opportunity to meet two wonderful breeders and watch them show their dogs.  I was so taken with the beauty and movement of  the Shibas!  Over the years I have been very fortunate and have been able to add to my lovely kennel of Shibas some quality stock with champion show pedigrees. The puppies we produce are a testament to the quality of the bloodlines we have.

Our Breeding Program

We are always striving to improve our lines with every Shiba Inu puppy in every litter we produce. We want to offer our adoptive families that perfect  puppy that will grow into that perfect pet both in temperament and  conformation. We offer black and tan, red, red sesame, and cream Shiba puppies. We are your premier Shiba Inu breeder in Idaho with 16 years of experience.

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Drop us a line in order to be placed on our notify list! We have questions below created for you to share with us! Please include your address, phone number, and email address. 1. What makes you interested in this breed? 2. Is this your first dog? 3. Where will your new puppy live? 4. Do you own or rent your home? 5. Do you have a fenced yard? 6. Do you have any other pets? 7. Do you have children? If yes please list ages. 8. Are you looking for a male or female puppy? 9. Who will primarily care for your new puppy 10. Anything else you would like to include about you/your family on this application?

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